What Is Lemon Thai Kush Weed Strain? Cannabis Review

Lemon Thai Kush is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain from the West Coast. It has been described as having an uplifting, energetic effect with subtle cerebral invigoration. In this review, I will be going over what Lemon Thai Kush tastes like, the effects of smoking it, and more!

What Is Lemon Thai Kush Weed Strain?

Lemon Thai Kush is a Sativa-dominant strain with an active cerebral buzz. This strain has gained popularity for its myriad therapeutic uses and pleasant, lemony aroma. It tastes like the lemon candy you ate as a kid but smoked. Very smooth inhale with a slight burning sensation upon exhale. I was surprised at how much it made me cough since it tasted so good. The Lemon Thai Kush aftertaste stayed in my mouth for some time, which was also nice to experience, along with very light flushing of the face upon the first hit that passed within 5 minutes or so.

Aroma (10/10)

Lemon Thai Kush has a very distinctive sour and citrus aroma. This strain is often described as smelling like lemon cleaner or even furniture polish. Don’t let this deter you from trying it, though, because the taste is much more pleasant.

Flavor (9/10)

I have been told by friends that when they first smelled lemons, they were blown away by the nice freshness of the smoke texture. The flavor is almost identical to how it smells, a very clean and smooth smoking plant that is very consistent with its flavors.

Appearance (8/10)

This strain is typically dark green with some bright orange pistils. The buds are usually pretty dense and fluffy because of Lemon Thai Kush’s Sativa-dominant genetics. Leaves are completely covered in trichomes, but if grown poorly, will have an abundance of leaves that look almost brown.

THC Content (5/10)

Unfortunately, Lemon Thai Kush doesn’t have too high of a THC content. It is said to range in the mid-teens at best. However, with novice smokers, this strain may seem much more potent than it actually is due to its Sativa dominance.

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Lemon Thai Kush Weed Strain Effects

When smoked in moderation, this strain provides an uplifting effect accompanied by a mellow body high. It can be used for mild relief from anxiety or stress. For many, this is a very enjoyable morning or daytime bud because of its clear-headed effects.

Medicinal Uses

This strain is also helpful with users’ medical concerns. Following are the medicinal benefits of the Lemon Thai Kush Weed Strain.

Relaxing – perfect for stress relief, anxiety relief, and pain relief. The uplifting – lemon flavor gives a nice pick me up when in a bad mood.

Energizing – lemon-flavored strain is great for daytime use when you need the extra boost.

Happy – lemon-flavored marijuana products will leave you feeling very happy and relaxed!

Tingly – Indica dominant marijuana strains have high levels of THC, which provide a tingling sensation throughout your body.

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Possible Side Effects

Being a Sativa-dominant strain, this is the perfect bud to smoke in the morning or daytime. The Lemon Thai Kush weed can have side effects of paranoia or anxiety if smoked too much, so keep that in mind!

Headaches are possible for users who have never had cannabis before due to its high levels of THC. Using this strain may also lead to cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Hangover? – This strain does provide a clean and fresh taste which can often be associated with an uplifting, intoxicating feeling rather than being hungover from smoking it.

If you’re looking for a mellow marijuana product that provides an uplifting experience without an intense high, then this is the perfect strain for you!

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Lemon Thai Kush Weed Strain Common Dosage

One of the most common ways to consume Lemon Thai Kush is through smoking other consumption method includes:

Vaporizing – provides an uplifting Sativa high similar to smoking it. Edibles – lemon-flavored edibles are perfect for daytime use because of the subtle effects that provide a pleasant feeling throughout your body!

Suppositories – Many patients who prefer suppositories over other methods often do so because of the strong body high they receive. However, this is not recommended if you’re new to cannabis since there are no guarantees of the amount you will feel!

Hashish/Kief – Lemon Thai Kush weed strain has a very distinct flavor that can make delicious hash.

Please always be responsible when using marijuana products and make sure you read all warning labels before using any product.

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Growing Lemon Thai Kush

Lemon Thai Kush Marijuana Strain Growing Tips

The following tips will help growers get the most out of their lemon Thai kush marijuana seed products:

Genetics – Grown from selected seeds that have been specially bred. Layout – Ideal marijuana growing includes a flat surface with minimal obstructions to provide Lemon Thai kush with the most airflow. It should also be kept away from wet surrounding walls and humid environments to prevent mold growth.

Lighting – Sunlight is ideal for lemon thai kush plants, but they can grow under artificial lighting like HPS lights, LED panels, or even CFLs.

Temperature – During vegetation lemon, Thai kush plants do best at 70F to 80F degrees, while during flowering, it’s best at 72F to 78F degrees. Lower temperatures will slow down photosynthesis and reduce lemon Thai kush plant growth, while higher temperatures cause it to flower early. Humidity – Lemon Thai Kush marijuana strain has a humidity requirement of 40% or more during vegetation and 50% or more during flowering.

Watering – When lemon Thai kush plants are in the vegetation stage, it’s best to avoid overwatering them and allow a five-day gap between watering. Throughout flowering, you’ll want to keep lemon Thai kush plant-soil slightly moist, but don’t let it dry out or stay soggy.

Pruning – Main colas need to be supported, so lemon Thai kush growers should be sure to place stakes nearby lemon Thai kush plant with twist ties. This will provide stability for the main stems that lay down during flowering, which can cause bud rot. You may also find that lemon Thai Kush marijuana strain will form Sativa dominant growth patterns when left un-tied, which means most of its energy is devoted to producing new bud sites instead of growing taller.

Harvesting – Lemon Thai kush plant flowers have a lemon scent during mid-blooming, which makes it easy for growers to identify when each lemon Thai kush strain is ready for harvest. It’s best to wait about 60 days before harvesting lemon Thai kush marijuana seed products, which will make them produce more trichomes!


Lemon Thai Kush is one of the most pleasant marijuana products to use! It provides an uplifting, tingling sensation throughout your entire body. This lemon-flavored bud is perfect for anyone looking to relax but not feel lazy or tired afterward. If you’re new to smoking weed, then we would recommend trying this strain before anything else!

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