What Is Jet Fuel Strain? Cannabis Review

An Overview Of The Jet Fuel Strain

The Jet Fuel strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that is also known as the Gorilla Glue. The main attraction of the strain to many people is its high THC content. The name came from the belief that this strain will have consumers glued to the couch just like Gorilla Glue.

About The Jet Fuel Strain

The Jet Fuel strain was developed from the cross between Sour Diesel and Chem Sister. It was bred by crossing these two strains with itself to produce its desired effects and flavors. It has become popular because of its high THC content which is between 25 percent to 28 percent.

You will find this strain useful for a wide range of health conditions. It has been useful in treating anxiety, depression, and even ADD/ADHD among others. It can also give relief to pain and stress.


The Jet Fuel smells like diesel and has a sweet flavor that is quite pungent. Some people love its smell while others will not like it. Its smell can fill up an entire room when it is being burned. With the flavor, it tastes like earthy diesel. It will fill your mouth with a sweet and sour flavor that will linger for a long time.


It is known for its dark green color with orange hairs. It has medium-sized buds that are sticky to the touch when broken apart to reveal a dark chocolatey interior. The buds have been molded together so it looks like elephant trunks.


The Jet Fuel will give you a feeling of relaxation and euphoria plus a burst of energy that is strong and uplifting. You can use it during the day as well since it does not cause you to feel drowsy. It will give you an increased appetite so manage your food intake properly when using this strain.

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Why Do Consumers Love Jet Fuel Strain?

Jet Fuel is a good strain for people who need to manage their stress levels and pain. It is known for its uplifting effects that will not leave you in a haze. You can use it during the day and even at night when going out with friends or attending social engagements.

What Are The Medical Effects Of The Jet Fuel Strain?

Jet Fuel is effective in treating depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD. It also helps to relieve pain, stress as well as improve your moods. It is used to increase appetite so it is beneficial for those who are suffering from the loss of their appetites. People who take this strain can enjoy a good night’s sleep without feeling drowsy the following day.

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What Are The Adverse Effects Of Jet Fuel?

The most common side effect from using this strain is dry mouth. It can also cause red eyes and dizziness although these side effects are not that common. Some people may also feel anxious after using Jet Fuel. In severe cases, it can cause paranoia or even panic attacks. To prevent all these, use it in small doses and avoid mixing it with other drugs.

How To Grow Jet Fuel Strain?

Grow the Jet Fuel Strain outdoors to enjoy its sweet fragrance. It will grow up to 10 feet tall so make sure you have enough space for this plant. The flowering period will last 9 weeks to produce buds that are dense and sticky.

If you are a new grower, you can grow this strain indoors to avoid the time it takes for the plant to mature. It will produce indoor yields of 400 grams per square meter so keep your plants far apart from each other.

This strain yields buds that are very sticky that you will need to use an extra pair of hands when manicuring it. This is because the buds stick together so you will need to separate them carefully.

You can harvest the Jet Fuel strain when its buds have turned dark green in color. The trichomes have also become milky white so this is a good indicator that the harvesting time has come. You can expect to yield up to 12 ounces per plant when growing it outdoors and 24 ounces per meter squared when grown indoors.

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How Much CBD And THC Does The Strain Have?

The Jet Fuel Strain has 2 percent CBD and 15 to 20 percent THC. This implies that the strain will not cause you to feel drowsy and can be used during the day. It can also cause you to feel euphoric and relaxed once it enters your bloodstream.

This information is important as it can help those who are looking for an alternative treatment for their medical conditions. There is rigorous research going on with medical cannabis as more and more scientific evidence has been found pointing to its possible therapeutic effects.

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Jet Fuel Strain Review: Final Thoughts

The Jet Fuel strain is known to give you a good burst of energy and focus. It will also give you a euphoric feeling but not to the point that it will make you feel sedated. It can manage your anxiety levels and help with depression without leaving you too tired when the effects wear off. The jet fuel strain will ease pain and stress while uplifting your moods in the process.

However, like any other strain, there are some potential side effects that you may experience when using Jet Fuel. To prevent the side effects, make sure you buy a reputable brand from a certified source. Also, keep in mind that the strain can cause dizziness and red eyes so it is best to use it when you are at home or around people who will help if you need assistance.

The right dose is also essential especially since Jet Fuel is a strong strain. To avoid taking too much of it, measure the right amount as suggested by your medical professional so you can enjoy its benefits without unwanted effects.

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