Blackberry Kush Strain

Cannabis, once considered a harmful drug, is now showing its medical capabilities thanks to the evolution of science. As a result, its popularity is skyrocketing and more and more people are becoming fans. To try and fulfill such a demanding market, suppliers are creating different flavors and strains. One such product is the Blackberry Kush Strain. But what makes it stand out from other strains? And does it deserve the high praise it gets?

What is Kush?

Kush is a strain of Cannabis Indica that is very popular for its relaxing properties. However, don’t mistake Kush for CBD, as they are two different products. The former is a form of synthetic marijuana while the latter is extracted from hemp plants. 

The main difference between Kush and other strains is the highly sedative experience it creates. That is the result of its high THC concentration, usually above 15%. 

Blackberry Kush Strain Overview

The Blackberry Kush Strain is an Indica-Sativa hybrid. There is a lot of debate and controversy surrounding its origin. Yet, the consensus is that the strain is a cross of Blackberry with Bubba or Afghani Kush. The creator is also unknown, but many people consider the California medical marijuana era as the one where this strain was born.


Its appearance is reminiscent of typical Kush. The extra details are the dark green leaves and the purple coating covering the nugs. Sometimes the buds have a dark purple color that resembles blackberries.

Flavor and Aroma

As the name suggests, the Blackberry Strain has a strong but sweet blackberry flavor. Many users have described it the same as tasting a bowl of berries. The flavor lingers even after consuming the product and it even becomes more apparent. 

When it comes to aroma, the strong smell stands out as being a real sensorial treat. It seems that the aroma is hard to resist, as one sniff is enough to make you desire more. Although, as many users describe it, the feeling is only temporary and there is no sign of addiction. 

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Medical Properties

As we mentioned before, marijuana has medicinal properties and Blackberry Kush is no different. This particular strain is popular among people with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Not only that but the high caused by the dominant Indica part helps your muscle relax. The effect is intense but enjoyable at the same time.

Furthermore, its usage increases appetite and reduces nausea. All in all, this strain is recommended for people prone to mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

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Usage and Results

Every Blackberry Kush user will praise the instantaneous calming effect. Numbness will follow almost immediately and any feelings of pain will be lessened.

A euphoric feeling will overwhelm you and relax you even more. Because of its high THC concentration, the Blackberry Kush has a strong impact and will most likely get you high. The downside is that while you are riding the wave, you won’t want to get up from the couch. That’s why most people recommend using it in the evening or at night as you will feel sedated. 

However, people starting with Blackberry Kush should be careful. There are a few side effects that are more common in inexperienced users.

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Side Effects

Like most marijuana products, the possible side effects include cottonmouth and dehydration. Cottonmouth is an urban term for weed-induced dry mouth or an odd feeling in the mouth. Dizziness and headaches are also common for people not used to THC products. Overall, the side effects are limited and not dangerous. They are mostly a mild inconvenience. 

It’s important to know your tolerance for marijuana. People used to Indica will enjoy a high free of side effects. Meanwhile, people that don’t regularly enjoy Indica will be hit the hardest by the Blackberry Kush.

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All in all, the Blackberry Kush Strain is one of the most effective marijuana products. With little to no side effects, this strain is top tier when it comes to day-to-day usage. As a result, Blackberry Kush is very popular among weed fans. The high caused by it is hard to describe, so it’s best you try it for yourself. Pick a movie, sit down on your couch, and enjoy the calming effects of Blackberry Kush. And remember, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

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