An Unbiased Review on CBD Lion

CBD Lion is a company that provides different CBD products that have high quality and potency. They are committed to producing the highest quality products that are affordable and contain only organic ingredients.

Let us learn more about the brand’s products and see what makes this brand stand out from the competition.

Total Score

Rating: 8 / 10

CBD Lion is a well-known and trusted brand in the CBD industry. They are known to have products that are not too pricey. Customers are pleased to have a good selection of products they can purchase. The potencies of the products are also impressive as there is something that beginners and experienced users can choose from.

While this brand may not have the lowest prices around, the quality and variety of its products make it a contender for the best CBD brand.

1) Testing & Quality

4 out of 5

The company has its products tested for purity and quality. To know what each product has, you can check the lab test reports posted on their website.

2) Product Options

5 out of 5

The brand has a lot of products to offer, from edibles and topicals to even rare-to-find products. This is why the brand gets a good product option score.

3) Potency

5 out of 5

The company has products that have high potencies, which makes them perfect for those who need higher doses of CBD.

4) Customer Service

4 out of 5

The customer service of the company is reliable. They respond fast to the concerns and inquiries of customers. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5) Hemp Source

4 out of 5

The hemp source and extraction method used are mentioned on the company website. Some customers are particular with this information as it will dictate the quality of the products being sold.

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About the Company

Here are some more details about CBD Lion:

Hemp Sourcing

CBD Lion’s hemp source is from organic farms in the US, including those in Kentucky, Colorado, and Oregon. This is to ensure that its products are of the highest quality and free from any harmful chemicals or pesticides. These locations are the best areas to grow hemp organically.

Independent (Third-Party) Testing

All CBD Lion’s products are sent to an independent lab for testing. This is to verify that the product contains the amount of CBD it is supposed to, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes. You can find the lab test reports on its website. They also placed QR codes of the lab results on every packaging for customers’ convenience.

What CBD Lion Does Well

  • Has low prices;
  • Wide product varieties;
  • Products contain organic ingredients;
  • Third-party tested products; and
  • Offers full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD Isolate formulas.

What CBD Lion Does Poorly

  • The website is not polished;
  • Shows outdated lab results; and
  • Requires a 30% restocking fee to return products.

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The company has a lot of products to offer. Among their bestsellers are:

1. CBD Sports Tape

CBD Lion CBD Sports Tape

The CBD Sports Tape by CBD Lion is an option if you are looking for an alternative to traditional pain relief methods such as creams and gels. This product contains 40mg of CBD Isolate per 10” strip.

This topical product contains 2% menthol for a cooling sensation that can help reduce muscle soreness. It also contains 4% lidocaine, an anesthetic that helps in reducing pain and discomfort. This one’s also latex-free and can last up to 48 hours.

If you’re always involved in extensive physical activities, then this topical product is a great option for you. This one can be applied before or after the activity. If you’re new to this product, the company provides instructional videos on the website for easier application.

2. CBD Capsules

CBD Lion CBD Capsules 1000mg

These are CBD supplements that are easy to take. This product comes in soft gel capsules that are also organic and vegan-friendly. These capsules contain 30mg of broad-spectrum CBD, each with 34 capsules per bottle.

Unlike the CBD Gummies, this one’s flavorless but has the same functioning. Since it’s taken orally, its onset time is slower than tinctures or topicals, but its effect can last up to 6 hours. According to the website, each capsule is as strong as a 1 dropper of 1000mg tincture.

These capsules are a great option for those who are looking for a CBD supplement that’s easy to take and has a high potency. These are also easy to take and can be taken with or without food. This is a preferred option by users who wants to take CBD without any taste or aftertaste.

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3. CBD Gummies

CBD Lion CBD Gummies 500mg

These CBD Gummies are good if you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a fun and tasty way. These gummies have 25mg of CBD Isolate each. It is available in a jar with 30 gummies. Unlike other brands that use artificial ingredients, this one’s made from organic ingredients and is vegan-friendly.

This product comes in three flavors: lemon, raspberry, and strawberry. CBD Lion also offers another variation that has 3mg of melatonin as an added ingredient. It has a mixed berry taste. This one is perfect if you want to get a good quality sleep.

Just like the CBD capsules, it’s an edible product, so its effect might take a bit longer to seep in. It can last for 6 hours. It also tastes sweet, which can be more tolerable than tinctures for some users.

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4. CBD Bath Bombs

Image of CBD Lion CBD Bath Bombs

The CBD bath bombs are your way to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a relaxing way. This one’s also a favorite by many of CBD Lion’s customers because it comes in different scents that have distinctive benefits.

This bath bomb has 100mg of CBD Isolate and contains organic ingredients. It’s designed to help you relax and de-stress, and it comes in a convenient, easy-to-use ball. It can be bought in five scent options: charcoal, lavender, eucalyptus, rosé, and citrus. Each has its benefits which you can learn more about on the website.

Aside from having a beneficial and great scent profile, this product also leaves your skin soft and moisturized. It can be both individually, in 2-pack, 3-pack, or 5-pack if you want to try out all of the available scents.

5. CBD Lotion

Image of CBD Lion's CBD Lotion in white back ground

The CBD Lotion by CBD Lion is perfect for those who are looking for a topical CBD product other than bath bombs and menthol roll-ons. It’s also made with organic ingredients and comes in a convenient, easy-to-use airless pump bottle.

This lotion is designed to provide maximum absorption and moisture onto the skin. This can be bought in either a 1.69 oz or 3.3 oz bottle with two potency options of 500mg and 1000mg. You can also choose between two concentrations, full-spectrum or isolate.

It’s a topical product that has powerful potency and can help with dry skin and muscle soreness easily. It can be used every 4-6 hours or as needed and is recommendable to be applied after a shower. This lotion works on all skin types.

6. CBD Pet Tincture

Image of CBD Lion CBD Pet Tincture

The CBD Pet Tincture is one of the products in the CBD Lion pets collection. This tincture comes in three flavor options: flavorless, peanut butter, and turkey. It’s also made with organic ingredients and comes in a convenient, easy-to-use dropper bottle.

Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD Isolate which is perfect for larger pets or those with multiple health conditions. However, if you’re only planning to test out the product and dosage first, the flavorless variant also has a 250mg option. This product contains the benefits of the products made for humans.

This product works well for pets experiencing anxiety, joint and muscle pains, sleep problems, or even lack of appetite. If you’re not familiar with the appropriate dosage to give, there’s a recommended starting dosage chart on the website.

Where Can I Buy CBD Lion Products?

There are different ways to get CBD Lion products. You can go online or to local dispensaries.


CBD Lion offers an online delivery where you can place an order through its website at It’s recommendable to order on its website because aside from it being hassle-free since the products will be delivered straight to your home, you’re also guaranteed to be getting brand new stocks. They also offer tons of discounts on the website.

Local Dispensaries

CBD Lion products are also available in local dispensaries. Just type your desired location on the store locator that’s on the website, and it will list down all of the authorized retailers near you.

Shipping & Returns

The company ships to all 50 states in the US. They have free shipping and same-day shipping to orders that were placed before 3 pm CST.

For returns, you have 30 days from the time you received your order to request a return. Although you’re responsible for the return shipping fee and you’ll also be charged a 30% restocking fee. So make sure you’re certain about your purchase before finalizing it.

Summary: CBD Lion Review

Overall, CBD Lion is a worthy brand to order from as they offer high-quality CBD products at relatively low prices. It has an extensive range of products, all of which are third-party tested. You can find the results of these tests on its website. The company also sources its hemp from organic farms locally within the United States.

Some of its weaker points include having a less polished website than other leading brands and some lab results being outdated. However, it does have many things going for it, including relatively low price points, extensive product options, organic and non-GMO ingredients, and multiple options for formulas, potencies, and flavorings.

If you want a CBD brand with lots to offer, then CBD Lion is worth considering.

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