What Is The CCSE?

What Is The CCSE?

The Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics is a WA State Non-Profit Organization whose focus is safe and compliant access for quilifying patients and adults in Washington State. We seek to perpetuate the highest levels of ethics, education, standards and quality throughout our industry.

The Coalition of Cannabis Standards & Ethics is the most influential and effective trade organization in the State of Washington. Operating since 2010, and officially a non-profit since 2011, the Coalition has been recruiting the best cannabis providers in the medical, and now recreational, cannabis markets.


Mission Statement

To further develop and maintain a sustainable, vital and ethical cannabis industry.

Vision Statement

We commit our efforts to continuously develop ethical guidelines and quality standards for both the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Ethical guidelines govern our treatment of patients, customers, community, and one another. Quality standards for each branch of the cannabis industry help deliver high quality outcomes for consumers.

At the foundation of our groups structure lie a core of duties the Coalition is responsible for upholding:

Duties to Consumers:

1. Provide safe access to quality cannabis.

2. Provide information and guidance on dosage amounts and ingredients of any product containing cannabanoids.

3. Protect patient privacy.

4. Empower through education.

5. Keep consumer safety a priority at all times.

6. Provide affordable options for low income patients.

7. Be compassionate.

Duties to the Public:

1. Control any cannabis related odors.

2. Adhere to advertising standards.

3. Adhere to responsible consuming policies.

4. Keep cannabis related activities and inappropriate symbols out of public visibility.

5. Provide educational opportunities about medical and recreational cannabis.

6. Be transparent and accountable.

7. Participate in the local community.

8. Adhere to safety and security standards.

9. Adhere to all local, county, and state laws and regulations.

10. Pay all applicable taxes

Duties to Each Other:

1. Support one another.

2. Share educational resources.

3. Be respectful at all times.

4. Be honest.

6. Adhere to all local, county, and state laws and regulations.

7. Agree to arbitration and mediation for dispute resolution

8. Adhere to all applicable employment laws.